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Hebei xinguang carton machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Recruitment:
Because the company development request, presently faces the society sincere hire the following personnel:
A, technical support engineer
Main responsibilities:
1, responsible for the regional major fault handling;
2, assist the project inspection and final inspection for customers, ensure the smooth operation of the project handover.
3, cooperate with sales staff to complete the product marketing work;
4, responsible for new product related after-sales documentation;
5, customers and agents technical personnel training.
Job requirements:
1, TongZhao undergraduate, master's graduates, machinery, electronics, computer and related science and engineering major;
2, steadfast, has the strong sense of responsibility and work initiative, good communication skills.
2, 1, Turner: 2, miller: 3, welders:
1, age 20 years old of above requirements;
2, junior high school degree or above;
3, healthy body, mind, wuxi, work actively seriously, have the team cooperation spirit;
4, work experience is preferred.
Treatment: the company own have a staff apartment, free accommodation. Salary negotiable.
We sincerely invite you to join us!
Join the call: 0317-7662077 13931708178

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