P r o d u c t s I

SF - 320 - c (360 c) adso...
Design: 150 m/min. 360 c: design speed: 180 m/min
The effective width: 1400 mm - 2200 mm.
Stare blankly roll: phi 320 mm. Φ 360 mm

P r o d u c t s II

SF - 280 - s adsorption t...
The pieces after a checkered hand-cut and deal with chrome plated.
Pieces of manual or electric insulation glue device.
Pieces glue of downtime can be independent running or not running in two ways, main motor frequency conversion control (optional).

P r o d u c t s III

What ZJ had - V6 hydrauli...
Maximum weight: 5 t.
The spindle diameter: 270 mm
Pieces of the base paper clamping, relax, lift, about translation operation adopts hydraulic drive, etc.

P r o d u c t s IV

What ZJ had -f electric s...
Adopts single slide symmetrical four arm structure, at the same time support two roll of base paper.
Mixer fitted with disc type brake manually, can adjust the tension of base paper.

P r o d u c t s V

GM - D heavy-duty coating...
Pieces per layer paste wheel rotation are individually controlled by frequency conversion motor, by the frequency converter control is to ensure each layer paste round wire speed synchronization.

P r o d u c t s VI

What ZJ had - V5B hydraul...
Maximum weight: 3 t.
The spindle diameter: 242 mm Φ
In pieces with four arms and roller symmetry structure, at the same time support two roll of base paper.
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